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What is HTD Talent?

The HTD Talent Development Program trains bright young professionals in the technologies our clients need most. Upon completing the program, the HTD Consultants are ready to work for you.

To meet the growing demand for software developers, HTD Talent created an intensive program focused on training a select group of college graduates.


Why Choose HTD Talent?

  • Gain access to a newly developed talent pool

  • The candidate selection process is rigorous and highly competitive

  • Classroom training delivered by industry veterans

  • The candidates master the skills you need now

  • HTD Talent Consultants are ready to contribute on day one, no wasted time training or educating new members on your technology suites

How Does It Work?




We screen and hire the top IT graduates with a minimum 3.0 GPA and strong soft skills.

These candidates go through a rigorous application process to meet the standards of the HTD Talent Development program.

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