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Bridging Tech Skills & Diversity Gaps

Providing world-class training to launch and elevate careers for diverse junior and experienced IT talent.

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The first MBE certified Black-Owned company in the Hire, Train, Deploy market. 

Our mission is to serve both our engineers and our clients.  We provide world-class training to jump-start technology careers for diverse junior talent and elevate careers for experienced diverse talent. 

HTD Talent delivers top quality and custom-trained talent to our clients; ready to hit the ground running and make an impact from day one.

Rigorous Selection

Our proprietary screening process tests all of the above to ensure we only hire best in class talent to join our training program.

Project based training

Our training covers both "hands-on" technology exposure as well as the application of how it works in a real world business environment.

Deployment begins

Upon completion of the training program, they are deployed on a contract-to-hire basis so they can be converted to full-time employees with our clients.

Continuous development

We continue investing in our associates careers while they are deployed by creating customized continuous learning programs for each individual.





Why HTD Talent?

Emphasis on Diversity

As a Black-Owned business, creating opportunities for diverse talent is at our core. 


Our mission is to provide a launchpad for underrepresented groups to start a long-term and high-paying career in the tech field. 


Associate Experience

  • Zero training bonds!

  • Highest pay in the industry

  • Full benefits and profit sharing

  • Industry professionals conducting training

  • Deployment at recognized enterprise clients

  • Continuous development during deployment


Client Partner Experience

  • Dedication to minority talent

  • Predictable talent pipeline

  • Elimination of mis-hires

  • Long-term employee retention

  • Cost predictability and savings

  • Access to industry expertise


Founding Partners

Robert Rolle and Chris Wascak helped to grow two of the major hire, train and deploy companies in the industry and have seen them grow from 20 associates placed in a year to over 2,000 per year.

They have taken this knowledge and experience and have created the best-in-class Hire, Train, and Deploy company for both underrepresented groups in technology and enterprise clients.

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