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To continue your journey with HTD Talent, we ask that you register to begin our Java Fundamentals course. We have partnered with App Academy, a leader in training for Software Engineers, to deliver this course.

Finishing an Assignment

Java Fundamentals


Step 1

Create an account on App Academy Open

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Step 2

Get started on your environment setup

About HTD Talent

HTD Talent is a Minority-Owned “Hire-Train-Deploy” company with a unique technology & diversity mission. With a major focus on diverse talent, HTD Talent is changing the way that companies find and hire top tech talent.

Bridging the gap

The technology talent shortage is real, and innovation continues to move faster than higher education can support—someone needed to bridge that gap. 

How we do it 

HTD Talent’s model hires recent STEM graduates, trains them on specific high-demand tech skills, and places them into their first jobs with Fortune 500 companies.

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