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Benefits of Hire Train Deploy for Tech Companies

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

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The "Hire Train Deploy" (HTD) approach to hiring is revolutionizing talent acquisition for tech companies. This strategy combines recruitment with specialized training, ensuring that new hires are a cultural fit and possess the precise technical expertise required. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of HTD for tech companies.

What is the “Hire-Train-Deploy” Model?

The "Hire-Train-Deploy" model is a hiring solution tailored to specific organizational needs. It starts with recruiting individuals with the desired attitude, aptitude, and potential to excel as consultants, followed by targeted, client customized training.

The training is designed to align with an organization's specific technological requirements or focus on a widely sought-after specialization within the market. Once the training phase ends, these consultants are deployed to assume in-demand roles on a contract to hire basis. There is usually an option for them to transition into permanent employees after a mutually agreed-upon period.

The Benefits of Hire Train Deploy

The Hire-Train-Deploy model benefits both employees and employers by offering a way to make sure they’re a good fit each step of the way.

Reducing Recruitment Costs

Traditional hiring processes can cost companies time and money: listing jobs, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and then training new hires while paying them a salary. Even then, there’s no guarantee the new employee will be a good fit or stay at the company. By bypassing the expenses related to candidate screening, hiring procedures, and training initiatives, the HTD model provides a cost-effective alternative. This translates to immediate financial savings and diminishes the inherent risks involved in the conventional hiring process, including the cost of training new employees.

With HTD, the training is tailored to the specific role and can be completed within a condensed time frame before Day 1. Moreover, this approach ensures a seamless integration of candidates into the company culture after completing their training program. New employees are usually hired on a contract-to-hire basis, saving the company money by not having to pay a salary until everyone is certain there’s a good, long-term fit.

Increasing Diversity

By enabling the hiring of individuals from diverse backgrounds and subsequently training them for specific roles, HTD allows companies to cultivate a more inclusive environment. This contributes to a richer and more vibrant company culture and introduces fresh perspectives that can invigorate the team's dynamic.

Graph of Degrees Earned by Women in Broad S&E Fields

Women and individuals from minority backgrounds remain underrepresented in university STEM programs. This poses a challenge for organizations striving to build diverse teams within the confines of a limited talent pool. Cultivating diversity by expanding the talent pool to include a wider range of viewpoints allows companies to grow and thrive. When everyone feels heard and represented, they’re more likely to speak freely and contribute to more creative ideas. This allows companies to stay innovative in a quickly-evolving world.

Graph of Degrees Earned by Women in Broad S&E Fields

The HTD model is expressly designed to be more inclusive because it doesn’t require a college degree or previous experience. All applicants need is a passion for the subject and a willingness to complete the training process.

Tailored Training

What sets HTD apart is the commitment to training the next generation of talent to specifically meet client needs and fill skill gaps. HTD vendors ensure that those they’ve hired have a comprehensive grasp of core technologies like data management, testing, automation, development, project management, and DevOps. Based on the specific role the company is looking to fill, an HTD agency can train potential employees in the particular skills and qualities necessary to succeed in that position.

Rapid Skills Acquisition

HTD streamlines the onboarding process, ensuring that new hires swiftly become productive contributors. Tailored training programs are meticulously designed to address existing skill gaps while acquainting employees with industry-specific tools and practices. Companies can expedite project timelines and enhance overall operational efficiency by compressing the time it takes for new team members to reach their full potential.

This accelerated skills development not only benefits the company in terms of project execution but also provides employees with a faster path to proficiency. In essence, the HTD model serves as a catalyst for mutual success, aligning the interests of companies and employees through the swift acquisition of critical skills.


By implementing HTD, organizations can scale their workforce in real-time to meet evolving demands and growth objectives. HTD streamlines the onboarding process by combining recruitment with training, ensuring new hires have the necessary skills to hit the ground running on Day 1. HTD's emphasis on scalability ensures that organizations can efficiently adapt to changing circumstances, allowing them to stay competitive in an ever-changing tech climate.

Niche Skills

HTD is a powerful strategy for acquiring and developing niche skills within an organization. It addresses skills gaps by combining recruitment with comprehensive training, allowing organizations to nurture and harness specialized skill sets.

As we said before, the tailored training programs can be customized to meet the specific demands of niche roles or unique industry requirements. Employees already possess the requisite knowledge and excel in their specialized domains the moment they start working. Companies no longer need to spend time and money training new employees.


In the ever-changing business landscape, adaptability is essential for companies that want to stay competitive and thrive in the face of new challenges. In this regard, one of the key benefits of HTD is its ability to quickly respond to shifting organizational needs.

Since HTD vendors help companies save time in the long recruiting process we mentioned earlier, employees can be deployed almost as soon as a company realizes a need for them (especially if they have an existing relationship with an HTD agency). If a new need arises suddenly, or a company is seeking a very specific type of talent to pivot an innovative strategy, HTD can help them find the right person for the job — and fast.

HTD promotes a culture of continuous learning and development. This means that employees are more likely to embrace change, acquire new skills, and adapt to evolving technologies and methodologies. As a result, organizations that employ the HTD approach are better prepared to navigate disruptions, seize opportunities, and pivot their strategies in response to market shifts.

Get Started with HTD Talent

At HTD Talent, we’re focused on driving transformation in the industry and empowering progress. We close the gap between the skills of those entering the workforce and what employers are looking for.

Our intensive training program is here to help you meet your needs for talented software developers who are ready to hit the ground running. Reach out to partner with us today.

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