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Finding Harmony in the Hustle

Joining HTD Talent marked a pivotal moment in my career, a journey shaped by my experience of becoming a mother. As I navigate my days in the comfortable atmosphere of my home, I  reflect on how motherhood has reshaped my professional ambitions and decision-making. This path, filled with challenges and rewards, has been a journey of discovery and balance. In this post, I'm excited to share my story of how the dual roles of motherhood and career aspirations led me to HTD Talent, where I've found a fulfilling blend of professional achievement and personal life.

Before I started with HTD Talent, I spent five critical years in the staffing industry. This chapter of my career was not just about job placements; it was where I built a solid foundation in sales, honed my ability to build lasting relationships with clients, and deepened my understanding of the tech sector. It was a time of significant professional growth and learning, where I strengthened my sales skills and started to carve out a passion for leadership.

One of the highlights of this period was helping to pioneer a new division within that company. This experience was frightening and exhilarating, pushing me to new heights and affirming my love for the talent industry. However, staffing sales, known for its demanding nature, began to clash with my new reality after my son Ben was born. While the demands of my professional life remained constant, my desire to spend more time with Ben grew stronger, yet my job made balancing this increasingly challenging. In this reassessment period and searching for symmetry, I discovered HTD Talent… or HTD Talent, found me.

working mother and son
Melanie & her son at the Blue Angels

My journey with HTD Talent began unexpectedly–a LinkedIn message from one of the founders. Typically, I would overlook such messages, but this time, driven by curiosity and the desire for change, I responded. A rapid series of events from the HTD leadership team followed, arranging four interviews within just 48 hours. This quick response signaled that HTD Talent was a place where my needs would be valued.

Through my years in staffing, I have learned that interviewing is very similar to a performance, and one that I am quite good at. Yet, motivated by my search for a more work-family balance this time, I broke away from the usual script. I expressed my desire for a role that allowed me to thrive professionally while being more present for my son’s milestones. This candid approach was met with understanding and support. The end of this dialogue was a phone call from my now-manager with an offer to join their team. I accepted immediately, ready to start this new chapter where my professional aspirations and family life could harmoniously coexist.

Joining HTD Talent has been transformative, mainly due to the trust my leadership has instilled in me as a working mother. The predominantly remote work arrangement has shown their confidence in my abilities and granted me invaluable flexibility. This trust enables me to excel in my professional duties while being able to be fully present for the significant moments in Ben's life. It's an ideal harmony of career dedication and family commitments, ensuring I never have to sacrifice one for the other.

In my role, I can contribute to HTD Talent’s dynamic impact in our field, especially in our endeavors to promote diversity and positively affect the lives of our associates and clients. This position has offered me a voice and influence in areas I had never anticipated, making me a part of impactful changes. The satisfaction and fulfillment I get from this charge have enriched my professional path and brought a strong sense of accomplishment and purpose in my personal life as well.

Reflecting on my experience with HTD Talent, I realize how each step influenced my desire to be a strong and present mother and my inner drive to be a productive team member. This balance of being a committed professional and a dedicated mother is not just my story—it's a narrative many of us share. I’d love to hear how your journeys have shaped your professional lives, especially for those navigating parenthood and careers. 

Please share your experiences in the comments or reach out directly. Let’s build a community where we can inspire and support each other, blending our roles seamlessly and celebrating our unique paths. Your stories are the threads that weave the rich tapestry of working parenthood, and I look forward to hearing from you; this won’t be the last you hear from me!

Melanie Edwards - Sr. Business Development Manager

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