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HTD Training Impacts Charlotte Elevate Superstar

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

“We had one of our top trainees in the Charlotte Elevate program give some feedback on her background and current experience in the training so far. Here’s what she said:

"I’m currently in a Pega Developer role at a smaller IT consulting company, however my route into the IT field is anything but traditional. I majored in Business Administration and during my final semester of college, I took a web development course. I've always been interested in technology but had never delved deeply into web development. The class ended up changing my life. I fell in love with web development and continued to teach myself different programming languages over the years. In 2019, I attended a coding bootcamp which ultimately led to me obtaining my current role. Even though I currently work with Pega, I still look for different opportunities to learn about different technologies and programming languages. When I was presented with this opportunity to train with HTD Talent, I knew that this would be perfect for me. So far I've learned a lot about the different cloud environments and cloud development from the training. I really enjoy the hands-on nature of the training as it helps further solidify the concepts being taught. I'm really excited to continue and finish the training and am looking forward to the different career opportunities that will result!”

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