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Junior Tech Talent and Their Willingness to Relocate

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

“Relocation? No-brainer”. The average person would assume junior-level applicants would be resistant to relocating to a new city to start their career. I’ve talked to over 1000 college graduates in the last couple of months and that does not seem to be the case.

Junior developers are already facing challenges dealing with the current economic climate, being rejected by employers because they lack real-world experience, and dealing with the aggravation of not getting interview feedback from other companies. Today’s junior developers seem to be eager to relocate if doing so will help them beat the odds.

The majority of junior candidates have also highlighted how being in one city increases barriers and decreases motivation. They seem to want to get out and explore new areas of the country. In my opinion, I feel they’re correct. Being given the opportunity to relocate, will only enhance and refresh junior talent’s lives by creating more opportunities, growth, and experiences.

Our young developers are treated with great care and respect at HTD Talent. We create a community environment during the training and throughout the relocation phase by forging enduring friendships. In addition, we provide relocation aid as a helpful hand. With our purpose to accelerate careers, I can guarantee that relocating is the cherry on top.

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