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Research, Passion, & Belief in Your Solution Changes the Narrative of 'Cold-Calling'

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Every stage of life, whether it be our personal journey or professional trajectory, brings its own mix of highs and lows. While highs invigorate us, it's the lows, or as I like to call them, "necessary evils," that often test our strength and push us toward our true potential. A perfect example in the sales world is the art and challenge of cold calling. Many salespeople might cringe at the thought of it, but I see cold calling not just as a necessary evil, but as a golden opportunity with untapped potential. As we dive deeper into this post, you'll see the significance of cold calling, uncover some best practices, and hopefully find within yourself the drive and passion to keep dialing.

Starting out in the talent industry half a decade ago, I faced my own set of challenges. One of the most daunting feelings was navigating the unpredictable waters in which I was wading, feeling like I was floating without an oar. However, everything shifted six months in when I was introduced to the world of cold calling. It might sound odd to many, but I found a deep-seated passion for it. This wasn't just because it was a task to be done; every call offered me a chance to take control, to grab the oar and steer the boat. Every dial was an opportunity not just to connect with a client, but to actively shape my path and outcomes. To me, cold calling goes beyond its surface-level reputation. It becomes an action of proactivity, of grabbing the reins with both hands.

Diving deeper into the realm of cold calling, you might wonder, "How do I master this craft?" At the heart of cold calling, I champion the principle: knowledge is power. The depth of your preparation directly correlates to your readiness and desired outcomes. When I reach out to potential clients, it's imperative they never feel they are just the next name on my list. They're not. Before the first ring, I embrace a three-tiered research approach.

First, I immerse myself in understanding my organization to its core, ensuring I grasp our unique strategies. Confidence in my offering isn't just essential; it's foundational.

Next, I dive into the standings of the target company. Familiarizing myself with their current dynamics and any headline-making developments allows me to show my genuine interest and diligence.

Lastly, a touch of personalization. By familiarizing myself with details about the individual I'm calling – their role, career trajectory, and even passions – I tailor my approach to resonate with what matters most to them.

All of this effort isn't just about ticking boxes. It's about crafting an authentic connection. When you channel genuine effort into your call, the person on the other end doesn't just hear it; they feel it, ensuring they're more than just a name on a sheet.

Yet, amid all the strategies and preparations, there's an element that stands above the rest: passion. Before I ever hear a dial tone, I reflect deeply on my 'why'. I'm not just checking off a to-do list or chasing figures. Each ring comes from a deep-rooted passion for the effect I can trigger with every answered call. It's an opportunity to introduce someone to a transformative model – one that not only catalyzes careers and champions diversity but genuinely enriches countless lives. With such a strong narrative driving me, how could I possibly not want to share it? How could I hold back from telling another individual about an empowering strategy? With a purpose that is at my core, each cold call becomes less of a task and more of a mission. It's this very passion that fuels my confidence, and it's this unwavering confidence that often paves the way to success.

In the evolving world of sales and human interaction, the blend of passion, preparation, and genuine connection makes all the difference. Cold calling, often misunderstood, is a powerful tool when used with education, care, and conviction. Through the peaks and valleys of our careers, it's our 'why'—that burning drive—that not only keeps us going but also allows us to shine. As we face our own "necessary evils," always remember the golden opportunities waiting ahead. So the next time that phone feels heavy in your hand, remember the potential impact, the lives you can touch, and the paths you can shape. Dive in with passion and purpose, and let every ring remind you of the possibilities

Wrtten By: Melanie Edwards- Sr. Business Development Manager

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