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5 Tech Recruiting Strategies to Attract Top Tech Talent

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The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing and fastest-evolving in the world, so the demand for skilled coders, software engineers, and other tech professionals is skyrocketing right along with it. In such a fast-paced and competitive job market, recruiting top tech talent can be challenging, so how do tech recruiting professionals find elite candidates?

In this blog, we'll dissect the recruiting practices in the tech industry and share some of the most effective strategies so hiring managers can learn how to recruit top tech talent.

Why is Successful Recruiting Important in Tech?

Although there is no shortage of people entering the tech field, there is still a discernible gap between the skills these candidates have and the skills employers are looking for to fill their job openings. Recruiting tech talent isn’t about just filling a vacancy—it’s about finding just the right person for the job and driving productivity and innovation. Because these days, staying ahead in a fiercely competitive market is essential.

5 Recruiting Strategies to Attract Top Tech Talent for Your Company

Knowing your audience, understanding the details of the role and expertise required, using multiple recruitment tactics, and building a network are proven tech recruiting strategies that can help you attract and win over the best of the best.

1. Know Your Audience

The cornerstone of effective tech recruiting is understanding who you are recruiting for. Are you looking for a backend developing wizard with a passion for complex problem solving? Or maybe a frontend and UI-focused individual with a keen eye for design? Understanding what you want and need is a big chunk of the battle.


You're more likely to find a recruit who will stay for the long haul when you also think about what they would want in a career and workplace. Does the position have opportunities for development and growth? A great work-life balance? Or the excitement of ever-changing, cutting-edge projects? Understanding both is the best place to start.

2. Understand the Role & Required Expertise

It’s all too common for recruiters who are understaffed and overworked to skim through a job description and then start the recruiting process. However, without a deeper understanding of the role, the next steps in the process will be much more challenging, and it will be difficult to find the right candidate. Plus, it can make shortlisting from the hundreds or thousands of resumes received much more difficult. Avoid this by really thinking about the role in its entirety and trying to understand the various nuances and specific skills required and desired by the manager.

3. Use Multiple Recruitment Tactics

There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for how to recruit tech talent. That’s why one of the key strategies for tech recruiting is to cast a wide net by diversifying recruitment tactics. Post your open positions on various platforms to give it the most visibility by the right audiences. Some great recruitment sources for tech talent are:

  1. Tech-Oriented Job Boards: such as Stack Overflow Jobs, GitHub Jobs, Dice, and TechCrunch Job Board.

  2. Standard Job Boards: such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

  3. Social Media: Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms where you can reach the right audience.

  4. Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Model: Consider working with an HTD vendor to train and place candidates that meet your specific needs and requirements.

  5. Networking Events, Tech Meetups, and Hackathons: Attend tech meetups, networking events, and seminars like Google I/O, Apple WWDC, and any tech conferences local to you. You can also attend or organize a local meetup using tools like or attend a competitive hackathon event.

  6. Educational Institutions: Connect with local colleges or coding bootcamps that are continuously producing a stream of trained tech talent who are eager to start their careers.

  7. Employee Referral Programs: Encourage or even incentivise your current staff to refer qualified candidates.

  8. Specialized Recruitment Agencies: Enlist the help of a tech-forward recruitment agency.

4. Invest in the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Model

The Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model is a progressive tech recruiting strategy wherein candidates are hired based on basic qualifications and potential rather than technical skills or experience. They are then trained and placed into the best role for their skills. HTD agencies prepare candidates so they are job-ready for the hiring company from day one.

How the HTD Model Works

While it can vary, most HTD vendors follow a structure similar to what is outlined below.



  1. Screen candidates and shortlist based on basic skills, aptitude, and potential.

  2. Select the best candidates, emphasizing soft skills, adaptability, and a desire to learn.


  1. Train new hires in technical skills with a customized curriculum tailored to the hiring company’s profile and business needs.

  2. Train new hires in soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

  3. Train new hires in an enterprise tech environment that replicates real-world challenges.

  4. Assess skills throughout training with evaluations.

  5. Provide experienced mentors to support the trainees with insights, best practices, and hands-on experience.


  1. Based on the trainee's performance and available roles, assign the trainee to a specific position in a company.

  2. Provide on-the-job training while new hire acclimates to the work environment.

  3. Provide continuous learning opportunities to upskill with the latest trends and technologies.

How Much Does Working With a HTD Agency Cost?

The price of an HTD agency will vary depending on factors such as: the scope and duration of training, technology stack, deployment location, volume of associates, etc. But here’s a model of what you can expect when working with an HTD agency:

  • The HTD agency will likely charge an average/regular bill rate, though these rates will vary

  • In most cases, clients pay for the 12+ month contract when contractors from the HTD agency are working on-site and logging billable hours

  • Clients generally will not incur any costs upfront; costs of recruiting, hiring, training, relocation, etc. are all invested up front by the HTD company — this helps remove the burden and risk for the client

Benefits of the Hire-Train-Deploy Model

The HTD model helps with recruiting tech talent as it bridges the gap between academic education and the real-world requirements of companies. Trainees gain skills tailored to specific company requirements, have a faster path to ROI for companies, and often have a longer tenure and more loyalty toward the hiring company. 

The HTD model can be cost-effective as it reduces the costs associated with hiring mistakes, extensive onboarding, and fast turnover. It also allows companies to adapt quickly to changing technologies as training can quickly pivot to tackle emerging trends.

5. Build Your Network

Understanding the tech culture is another key piece of recruiting top tech talent. One way to do this is to immerse yourself in the culture by joining communities. After all, networking isn’t just for job seekers. A recruiter with a robust network can often find the perfect candidate within their own community. 

As mentioned before, places like Reddit, Stack Overflow, GitHub, hackathon competitions, Discord servers, and even Slack channels are great places to connect with the community. One of the best ways to recruit top tech talent is through personal referrals that often arise from networks like these. You can often find the perfect candidate not just in skillset, but in their alignment with the company culture.

Get Started with HTD Talent

At HTD Talent, we’re focused on driving transformation in the industry and empowering progress. We close the gap between the skills of those entering the workforce and what employers are looking for. 

Our intensive training program is here to help you meet your needs for talented software developers who are ready to hit the ground running. Reach out to partner with us today.

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