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The Future of Tech Hiring and the Importance of Emerging Talent

Updated: Jul 11

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In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and digital transformation, the future of tech hinges on the cultivation and integration of emerging talent.

This emerging talent, often composed of recent coding bootcamp finishers, college graduates, self-taught programmers, and young professionals, is increasingly becoming the cornerstone for innovation and growth in the tech industry. For businesses aiming to stay ahead, recognizing the importance of simply hiring and truly nurturing this talent is crucial.

This article delves into the significance of emerging talent in the tech sector, why it's imperative for businesses to invest in it, and where hiring managers can access emerging tech talent.

Understanding Emerging Talent

Hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists alike are familiar with the traditional hiring process. They’re acutely aware of the candidate experience in the job market and try to build their talent pool with tech professionals that best match their current needs. The recruitment process for emerging talent, however, looks a little different. First, it’s important to understand what emerging talent really is.

What is emerging talent?

Emerging talent refers to individuals who are at the early stages of their career but show high potential for growth and innovation.

These individuals often bring fresh perspectives, a strong grasp of new technologies, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Unlike seasoned professionals, emerging talent is typically more agile and open to experimentation, which can be incredibly valuable in the cutting-edge tech landscape.

Some of the most invaluable tech skills emerging talent can possess are:

  • Software Engineering

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence and AI Tools

  • Cybersecurity

Traditional recruitment strategies aim to fill the openings that tech companies have at that given moment. Shifting focus to nurturing the top tech talent of tomorrow allows organizations of all sizes – from startups to enterprises — to focus on long-term goals and initiatives. Keep reading to learn how the best talent for filling your open job postings could often be talent that doesn’t yet possess the necessary skill set... yet.

The Future of Tech Hiring: Training & Deploying a New Tech Workforce

The future of tech recruiting is becoming increasingly focused on identifying and cultivating emerging talent. This shift is driven by several factors, and it addresses a number of issues that we’re experiencing in today’s industry:

Addressing Talent Shortages

While it may seem like there are a surplus of job seekers on the market, the Bureau of Labor Statistics still predicts we’ll need to grow the talent pool by 25% by 2030. Emerging talent can be molded to fit the exact job descriptions that hiring managers create for future roles. They also often possess the necessary soft skills for taking on a more technical role, which are far harder to teach than the hard skills they’ll learn in training. Offering remote work is another way to ensure you’re fishing from the deepest and widest possible talent pool.

Preventing Further Layoffs

The tech industry, at present, is volatile. We see peaks and valleys throughout the year, but recent bouts of layoffs have left job seekers wary about their future in the industry.

Emerging talent, on the other hand, is malleable to an organization’s specific needs. When you invest time, money, and resources in helping these individuals fill your unique roles, they’re more likely to thrive in that environment, making them indispensable even if market conditions are unfavorable.

Growing Employee Retention

It’s no secret that it costs more to hire and onboard a new employee than it does to retain current ones. From the jump, emerging talent often commands lower salaries compared to experienced professionals. This allows companies to allocate resources more efficiently while still investing in training and development.

Hiring emerging talent is an investment in the future. By nurturing these individuals from the beginning of their careers, companies can shape their development to align with organizational goals and culture, fostering loyalty and ultimately reducing turnover.

Establishing a steady influx of top talent as they’re in training ensures a robust pipeline of skilled professionals ready to step into critical roles as the company grows. This continuity is vital for sustaining long-term growth and innovation.

In the next section, you’ll learn where can companies find emerging talent as well as how to adapt your messaging within your hiring practices to attract emerging talent.

Where to Find the Best Emerging Talent

To effectively build a talent pipeline, hiring managers need to know where to find emerging talent. HTD, or Hire-Train-Deploy, is a unique hiring model that is used in a number of industries, but is particularly successful in tech.

Hire-Train-Deploy Partners

Because of the growing demand for emerging talent across the industry, hire-train-deploy models have become the most efficient way to do just that: hire top talent that’s performing at an accelerated or higher skill level, train them to an organization’s specific rubric, and deploy them to that organization as uniquely trained professionals that fit a company’s current and future needs.

Hire-Train-Deploy partners can build a higher quality talent pool than the alternative models listed below for a number of reasons:

  • Specific curriculum customizations tailored to an organization

  • Barrier to entry, with many programs being highly selective

  • Highly selective trainees that are at a high skill level

This is what separates HTD from the other sources of talent we’ll discuss below.

Services like HTD Talent work with both the employer and the prospective employee to forge a partnership that’s fruitful for both parties. Click here to learn how HTD Talent is filling the talent gap with fresh, highly trained software developers and engineers.

Alternative Ways to Source Emerging Talent

While HTD offers the biggest benefit to both job seekers and prospective employers, the following sources of emerging talent can and should be used in conjunction with HTD as an avenue for finding skilled programming talent:

Universities and Colleges

Campus recruitment drives and partnerships with educational institutions can provide access to a pool of talented students. Engaging with these institutions through internships, workshops, and hackathons can also help identify potential candidates early.

Coding Bootcamps and Training Programs

Coding bootcamps have gained popularity for producing job-ready developers in a short span of time. These programs often attract highly motivated individuals looking to transition into tech or enhance their skills. Through thorough assessments and continuous learning, coding bootcamp graduates are uniquely qualified to enter the workforce as emerging talent.

In fact, metrics have shown that coding bootcamps graduates have equal if not greater in-field employment than college graduates with similar training.

Online Platforms and Communities

Online tech communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Discord are excellent resources for discovering emerging talent. These platforms allow hiring managers to see real-world examples of a candidate’s work, their problem-solving skills, and their professional network.

Industry Events and Competitions

Hackathons, tech conferences, and coding competitions are fertile grounds for scouting emerging talent. These events not only showcase the technical skills of participants but also their ability to work under pressure and collaborate with others.

Social Media and Professional Networks:

Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Reddit can be valuable for identifying and engaging with emerging talent. Following relevant hashtags, joining industry groups, and participating in discussions can reveal passionate and knowledgeable individuals.

Now that you know where to find emerging talent, finish reading the best ways to nurture talent as they come on board and work alongside your existing team members.

5 Ways to Nurture Emerging Talent

Once identified, it’s crucial to nurture emerging talent effectively. Here’s how businesses can support their growth:

1. Mentorship Programs: Pairing emerging talent with experienced mentors can provide guidance, support, and valuable insights. This relationship helps new hires acclimate to the company culture and enhances their professional development.

2. Continuous Learning Opportunities: Offering ongoing training and development programs keeps employees up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends. Encouraging participation in workshops, courses, resume building, and certification programs can significantly boost their skills and confidence.

3. Challenging Projects: Assigning emerging talent to challenging and meaningful projects helps them apply their skills in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience is invaluable for their growth and helps them build a portfolio of accomplishments.

4. Inclusive and Collaborative Culture: Creating an inclusive environment where all ideas are valued fosters innovation and engagement. Encouraging collaboration across teams ensures that emerging talent can learn from diverse perspectives and contribute to collective success.

5. Feedback and Recognition: Regular feedback and recognition are crucial for keeping emerging talent motivated and engaged. Constructive feedback helps them improve, while recognition of their achievements boosts morale and encourages continued excellence.

Get Ahead on the Future of Tech Hiring with HTD Talent

The future of tech is undeniably linked to the emergence and nurturing of new talent. By focusing on future tech hiring strategies that prioritize emerging talent, businesses can ensure they remain at the forefront of innovation and growth. Investing in this talent not only brings fresh ideas and perspectives but also builds a resilient and adaptable workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to invest in this talent, it’s imperative to invest in the right partners who can source, train, and deploy the right aspiring professionals. HTD Talent is one of the most recognized and successful hire-train-deploy providers in the industry, with a global network of both talent and corporate clients. Click here to learn more about the services we provide and commitment to bridging the talent gap in tech.

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